How to Motivate Reading


1. Introduce your children to a book series.  Choose a series you think your children may be interested in reading.  Read one of the books with or to your children.  This will help them become familiar with the characters, setting, and general style of the books which will make them more comfortable reading the next books on their own.

2. Help your children find a comfortable place to read.  It could be on top of a bunch of pillows and stuffed animals, under the table with a sheet draped over the top, or in a special corner devoted just to reading.

3.  Take an interest in what your children are reading.  Let them tell you about what they are reading.  Getting to know the characters and stories as a parent will provide connection with your children.  You can be out at the park and say, “Remember when Ramona was stuck on the monkey bars?”  The commonality will help create inside stories and jokes between you and your children.

 4.  Help your children pick books at their independent reading level.  If the books are too hard, your children will become frustrated.  If the books are too easy, your children will become bored.  Your children’s teachers will be able to tell you what reading level they can best read at independently.