Advanced Grade Level Readers

Advanced Grade Level Readers
A Fantastic Field Trip                              A Gem of a Tale   
A Time of Change for Women                All About Penguins   
China's Gifts to the World                       Collecting Dreams   
Earth Movement                                      Fastest, Longest, Biggest, Lightest
How People Track Animals                    French Roots in North America   
Houses Past and Present                         Huge Paintings of Thomas Benton   
It's a World of Time Zones                     Jackie Robinson   
Let's Go Have Fun                                  Living Abroad   
Maggie McGee and Me                         Magic of Coyote   
Mixing Kneading and Baking               Mr. Grim and the Goose   
Mr. Posts Class                                      Nicky's Meadow   
Penguins on Parade                               Pizza with a Twist
Smart Dog                                             Song Makers Go to Salem   
Special Talents                                      Star Tracks      
The Japanese Language                        Whales and Other Animal Wonders