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WIMS Dress Code Policy for 2017/2018 (Updated Tuesday, July 10, 2017)


2017-2018 STUDENT DRESS CODE        Approved by School Improvement Team on Tuesday, May 1, 2017

The school dress code is adopted to enhance the learning environment of West Iredell Middle School students.  This includes field trips and after school events.  Events and activities to which dress code will not be required will be announced prior to the event or activity.

Tops / Shirts

Shorts / Pants / Bottoms



Any color of shirt is acceptable


Any color of pants or shorts are allowed


Any color of outerwear is acceptable.


T-shirt like, Polo type (3 or 4 buttons), button-up shirts (must be buttoned) 


Males may wear slacks or shorts.  Females may wear slacks, capris, shorts, skorts, skirts or dresses.  Bottoms should be appropriate size and worn above the hip


Sweatshirts, hoodies, light jackets, or sweaters are the only outerwear allowed in the classroom.

Students should NOT wear:

• V-neck or low cut shirts without an appropriate shirt underneath.

• Shirts that cannot be tucked in

• Sleeveless shirts/tops

• Any top that has any inappropriate printing (gang releated, drugs, weapons, alcohol, etc).

Students should NOT wear:

• Tights (of any type or color) are not allowed unless worn under an appropriate outer garment (shorts, shirt, etc)

• Saggy pants worn below the waist.

• Writing, logo or artwork on the back of male or female pants, shorts or slacks.

•  Slits in the hemline of any skirt, skort, or dress that are more than three inches above the knee. 

• Shorts, skorts, skirts, and dresses that are more than three inches above the knee. 

Pants/shorts that have holes in them or are frayed above the knee (holes below the knee are permitted).

Students should NOT wear:

• Heavy coats or coats (too thick must be put in the locker).  These will not be allowed in the classroom.

• Gloves, winter scarves, and windbreakers.  These are not allowed in the classroom and must be stored in lockers.

APPROPRIATE logos and print are permitted on TOPS and OUTERWEAR ONLY as long as the logo/print does not distract from the educational environment. Students are encouraged to wear West Iredell Middle School and Iredell-Statesville School system t-shirts, sports jerseys or uniforms, and sweatshirts.

Physical education uniforms


1.     Each student will have a PE uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts, socks and athletic shoes. 

2.      Only school PE uniforms are to be worn in physical education class. 

3.      PE uniforms should be taken home to be cleaned every Friday.


5.      No PE uniforms can be borrowed from the PE department during PE classes.

6.      Shorts MUST be at waist level at all times.

7.     The cost for PE uniforms: $7.50 shirt, $7.50 shorts or $15 for shirt & shorts.


Students are required to wear shoes at all times.  No shower shoes, bedroom shoes, or shoes with heels higher than two inches.


No hats, caps, hoods, toboggans, visors, combs, or brushes are to be worn in the building


No jewelry with inappropriate symbols or that could pose a health or safety hazard to either the student or the other students in his/her presence. 


New or transferring students shall be given a reasonable time, as approved by the school administration, to obtain proper clothing.  Student shall be allowed to participate in religious expressions to the extent they currently are allowed to do so under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  This policy shall not violate any other law or statute. 


Upon request and documented need, West Iredell Middle School will assist parents/guardians in obtaining items outlined in dress code for students.  Please contact one of the school counselors.


Any student violating the dress code will be asked to change the inappropriate clothing. Should the student have repeated violations of the dress code, parents will be notified and asked to help correct the situation.  Repeated violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including OSS.