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Student Fees

There are several fees that could be assesed during the school year.

  • Lunch Fees - If your child receives free or reduced lunch, you must reapply at the beginning of each school year. If you miss the deadline (Sept 21, 2018), your child will be charged for lunches until your application is approved. The online application is now active. During the year, students who have lunch charges are given a note each week by the cafeteria. It is their responsibility to show it to you.


  • Library Fees - When a student checks out a book, if they don't return it, they are charged the cost of the book.


  • Technology Access Fee - Since we are a one-to-one district, all students are charged a Technology Access Fee. This is not for the right to bring the laptop home, but the ability to have access for educational purposes, whether at school or home. Generally, SMS splits the required fee into two installments - half by the end of 1st quarter (10/26/18) and the other half by the end of 2nd quarter (1/17/19). Full payments are always welcomed and appreciated.

    • The tech fee for students who pay regular lunch prices is $50.

    • The tech fee for students who qualify and recieve reduced price lunches is $40.

    • The tech fee for students who qualify and receive free lunches is $25.


  • Technology Damage Fees - Students who damage the laptop are responsible for paying for those damages. Since more than one student might use a computer during the course of a day, it is imperative for students to report any damages as soon as they notice them.


Students will also need to purchase a PE uniform from the PE coaches. The cost is usually $15/set. This is subject to change.


Each student receives an Agenda Book for free in the beginning of the year. If a student looses their agenda, they will have to purchase another for $5. Students are expected to use their agenda to copy assignments and teachers require students to use the restroom pass in the back of the book.


Parents of students who play sports should be prepared to purchase items required for playing the sport - socks, hat, uniform, etc. The coach will communicate these needs during try outs. One requirement BEFORE tryouts is an updated physcial. Students CAN NOT try out for sports without an updated physcial.


Field trips are a great opportunity for students. Each grade level will go on at least two trips this coming school year. Required fees bulleted above must be paid before a student can pay for a field trip.


SMS participates in frequent Positive Beahavior events. Part of the requirements to be able to participate is responsibility - this includes students having thier required fees bulleted above paid.


If you have any questions about fees, please call the school and we will be glad to help!