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NIMS Technology Guidelines 2014-2015

View and download the NIMS PAWS Expectations for Technology 


Technology Rules and Expectations (Also see MacBook Laptops and I-SS Backpacks using the link above)

Use of computers, laptops (including the MacBook Air) and other technology as a learning/teaching tool is a privilege.  Every student will receive a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, which must be signed by the student and parent and returned to school before the student can use any school computer.

Technology Misuse and Consequences

Level 1: Use of computer at undesignated times; Use of apps (Mail, Messages, FaceTime, etc.) or being on sites not instructed to be on; printing unnecessarily; changing computer settings; removing/moving keys.

            Consequence:    verbal warning, ASD

Level 2: Use of proxys, apps, or other URL to circumvent security; looking at inappropriate sites (examples - pornography, drug, terrorist, or gang sites).

            Consequence:    ISS 1-5 days depending on severity.

Level 3: Stealing equipment; damaging or vandalizing equipment; intentional interference, use, or accessing other student’s files or individual laptop in any way.

            Consequence:    OSS 3 days with parent conference and payment for repair (if applicable), 


Damage to any computer equipment could result in permanent suspension of your computer privileges.  Repair costs will be charged to the student.