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Meet Jake-

Hi, I am Jake. I am so excited to be part of the Pressly family. Ok I am getting a bit ahead of my self. Let me tell you my story. I was rescued from the Catawba County Animal Shelter by Andy Hanlin, from Dogs By Andy. I was pretty beat up at the time he rescued me. I had tar poured on my body and I am still trying to grow hair in some of those spots, though I think I am still pretty handsome. Anyway, Andy took me back to his facility in Mooresville. While there I taught Andy plenty of tricks. If I sat I would get a treat, if I stayed I would get a treat. There were many tricks I taught Andy while I was there. One day Billy Manners joined our training. He and I became friends pretty fast. Once I was able to train Mr. Manner to get me treats I was able to go and live with him and his wife. Wow, my own forever home. Not bad for a shelter dog. So every day I get Mr. Manners up and make sure he gets ready for work. I ride this great big yellow thing with a bunch of kids. I get to sit in the front seat and I have my very own seat belt. Safety first. We take the kids to Pressly, where we have fun and learn all day. There are so many great people at Pressly, I love going there. I patrol the school and make sure no cats get anywhere near the kids. GRRR....cats. When I see one of the kids struggling I know if they pet me things will be alright. I now hear that we are starting a reading program for some of the youngest kids where they will have the chance to read to me on a regular basis. WOW! I love a good book and a snuggle. I think I am the luckiest dog in the world!