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MacBook Charger Policy Updated

Laptop Power Cord Process and Policy Update
In an effort to improve the laptop distribution and collection process we have initiated some
changes to the process and policies. The improvements are based on the feedback we
received from you over the past couple of years.
The current changes revolve around the power cords for the computers. We made our first
adjustment earlier this year concerning the power cord.
  • If there was a knick in the cord and the cord was still functioning, you were able to sign off on a form that states you understand the risks of continued use and allowed you to continue to use your cord instead of purchasing a new cord.
We purchase the power cords directly from Apple and they have the longest warranty period
and are not refurbished.
The next adjustment, to the process this year is, we will no longer collect the power cord.
You will keep the power cord. If the cord is damaged at the time off collection, you can make
the determination of whether or not to replace the cord.
We also heard from sixth grade parents that they would like new cords for their sixth graders
since many complained about receiving damaged or worn cords.
  • We will also be purchasing new cords for each of the new sixth graders and a new cord for any new student to the school system.
We are hopeful that these adjustments will improve the process but there still may be questions
about the changes, so here are some common questions and answers:
Do I have to turn in my MacBook charger?
No. We will not be collecting any chargers this year.
What do I do with my charger over the summer?
Please keep your charger in a safe and secure location.
What if I’m a Senior?
You are not required to turn in your power cord. However, you may choose to donate your
power cord to the district. These usable chargers may be used to help students who cannot
afford to replace a charger or to provide charging stations
What do I do if my cord is lost, stolen, or unusable?
You are still held responsible for having a charged MacBook in class everyday. You have 3
options for charging your MacBook:
  1. Purchase an Apple charger and/or extension cord from the district at a price of $50 or $57 dollars
  2. Purchase a charger compatible with a MacBook Air 11”, model A1465 on your own.
  3. Charge the device by any other means available to you. Ex. Siblings charger, friend, etc. (Students WILL be held responsible for having charged and usable devices per individual school policy)
I paid for a new charger before you made this change, will I get my money back?
When you were identified as having a damaged or lost charger, we collected the money for that
charger and ordered a new charger. The money has been spent so we are not able to refund
any previous payments.
I have a few more questions, to whom may I ask them?
You can direct any questions to our Chief Technology Officer, David Blattner. Best way to reach
him is through email or you can call his office at 704-832-2555.