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Digital Expectations

As we prepare for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, know that the entire staff of South Iredell is committed to providing your child with our time, energy, knowledge, and dedication. In order to ensure that we are able to offer not only a safe environment but one that is free of distractions, we will be implementing several new policies regarding technology usage that will ensure that the focus of each school day is instructional time.

To begin, we will be upholding the school board policy that outlines expectations for cell phone use at school. Students are permitted to bring their cell phones to school each day, but they must be stored, either in a backpack or teacher wall caddy and set on silent during classroom time. Additionally, students will be able to use their phones before/after school, in between classes, during lunch, or when directed by a teacher for instructional purposes. Please know that, as a parent, you will still have the opportunity to be in contact with your student, but they will only be able to respond during those designated free times. If there is an emergency, you will need to contact the school office and a staff member will get in touch with your child.

Next, we recognize that technology is a valuable tool used to improve the academic experience of our students, therefore, we will work to ensure that student laptops are used strictly for educational purposes. Across our campus, students will be expected to adhere to the Responsible and Acceptable Use Policy signed at laptop deployment. Behaviors that violate this policy (i.e. gaming, watching videos, or other recreational activities) will be addressed by teachers and, if necessary, by an administrator.

In classrooms, students will be expected to keep their laptops stowed unless instructed by the teacher to utilize them as tools to supplement learning activities. Please know that a copy of the Digital Expectations that will become the standard for all classrooms at South Iredell High School is linked HERE for your convenience.


If you have any questions about these new expectations or policies referenced, please contact the school.