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Uniform Policy







The following uniform policy will be in effect every day and at all school functions, unless the students are given special permission to be out of uniform by a member of the EIMS staff. Financial assistance will be provided for students in need of uniform clothing. 



Shirt colors:  navy blue, dark green, black, or white. 

Solid colors, no logos.  
Students may wear standard crew neck shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, or button down shirts only. 
Shirts with a button must be completely buttoned, except for the top factory button. 
Any undershirts must be navy blue, dark green, black, or white 
Spirit Shirts:
We will sell t-shirts and hoodies at Open House. 
Students may wear EIMS Spirit wear any time. 



Same colors as shirts: Solid color navy blue, dark green, black, or white. 

Good idea to wear a uniform shirt underneath, in case the student wants to remove the hoodie during the day. 
EIMS spiritwear hoodies are always allowed.
Students may not wear the hoods on their heads once inside the building. 



Colors: Solid navy blue, black, or khaki 

NO HOLES  in pants are allowed! 
Shorts, skirts, etc.  must come to mid-thigh or fingertip length.  
Cargo pockets are permitted.  
No sagging!    
Leggings may be worn under skirts, must be uniform color.  



Students must wear athletic shoes on days he/she has PE.

Bedroom shoes of any style are not permitted. 



Students may wear any jacket or coat to school, but once inside the jacket must meet uniform guidelines.
Hats may not be worn in the building 

Miscellaneous Items 

Due to allergies and medical conditions of some staff and students; no cologne, perfume, deodorant spray, or aerosol spray is allowed on any school bus or at school. 

Metal combs and pics are not allowed on the bus or at school.
Students may not wear jewelry or any other item that depicts inappropriate language, weapons, drugs, etc.
Students may not write on themselves or on any clothing.


Out of Uniform Days 

Students may earn privileges to come to school out of uniform at times throughout the year.  On those days, students must follow standard school dress policy.  Students may not wear tank tops, sleeveless attire, shirts with low necklines or shirts that expose the midsection.  Students may not wear any clothing with obscene or offensive language or pictures. Shirts may not have any writing or pictures that promote drugs or alcohol.  Pants may not sag.  Pants with holes or tears are allowed, but may not expose any skin above mid thigh. Shorts/skirts must be mid-thigh or fingertip length. Pajamas are not allowed, unless it is a designated "pajama day."  All out of uniform days are posted on the website and parents will receive a Connect Ed phone call to announce these special days. Noncompliance of these rules on out of uniform days may prevent that student from being able to participate on future out of uniform days throughout the year.