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MacBook Paperwork required for Deployment

In order for students to be issued an I-SS MacBook, required paperwork will need to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian. Those documents include: 
Rising Freshman attending the Freshman Transition Camp will need to download and print off a copy of the I-SS Acceptable and Responsible Use document and have signed by Parent/Guardian prior to attending camp to be able to take MacBooks off campus after camp. 
Returning students will be given these documents at Open House and they must be returned to their Homeroom teacher during the 1st week of school to receive their MacBooks. 
The $50 Technology Usage Fee can be paid online (recommended method) OR cash/check, at Open House or during the 1st week of school. In order to avoid waiting in a LONG line at Open House, please pay the Technology Usage Fee online using this LINK. During Freshman Transition Camp, no cash/check payments will be accepted. 
If you are paying by check during Open House or the first week of school, please make check payable to Lake Norman High School or LNHS. Also, please make sure a phone number is listed on your check.
Additional documents that may be helpful for informational purposes:
Here is LINK to the I-SS District web page that includes all of the above documents (English AND Spanish versions available).