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Buy a Book for the Library!

Our library is in great need of new books.  How can you help?  By picking an apple!

Have you noticed the apple tree by the office door?  In each pocket is the title of a book that our students or teachers would like to have in the library.  You can purchase this book for us by donating the cost of the book written on the slip of paper.  You may turn in your donations to either Mrs. Reese or the office.  

When you purchase a book for us, you can choose to place it in honor or memory of a loved one, or we will attach a plaque in the front of the book telling our students who bought the book for them.


1.  Can I just buy the book from Amazon or Walmart?

  • Unfortunately, no.  Mrs. Reese is purchasing specially bound books meant for library circulation.  This means they hold up to many readings and if they break the publishing company replaces the book free of charge.  The book you purchase will last for many years to be enjoyed by thousands of children.

2.  What if I don't see a book title I like?

  • Please email Mrs. Reese ( and tell her what type of book you'd like to purchase.  She has a very long list and is only displaying 30 at a time.  I'm sure she can find a book you'd enjoy donating.  

3.  I want to help, but I can't afford the cost of a book.  What can I do?

  • We are also collecting change.  We are going to pool all our money together and buy books when we get enough saved.  You can help by sending in any change or dollars and putting it in our collection bottles.  So save that change and empty those pockets!

4.  Can businesses and companies help out?

  • YES PLEASE!!!  If you work for or own a company who would like to make a monetary donation to our library, we will be more than happy to make a list of books to order.