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Changes in Transportation Policy


Please READ policy below. A printable copy can be accessed through the link.

TES Changes in Transportation Policy


Student Transportation Changes to the TES Parent-Handbook (9/26/17)


Effective, Thursday, September 28, 2017, TES will no longer take ANY changes in transportation requests by telephone, email, text message, or fax. This change has come for three reasons:

  • The Principal’s expectation that teachers do not check email, classroom voicemail, or use their personal cell phone during the instructional day. Unfortunately, our teachers have missed important changes in transportation which resulted in students not getting to their correct location after school.  This causes a great deal of stress for student, parent, and TES staff;
  • A large number of child custody issues at TES. In these cases, office staff cannot verify who is on the other end of a phone call or email;
  • the lack of current working telephone numbers of our parents

ALL CHANGES IN TRANSPORTATION require a note that must:

  • be brought in by the student and turned into their homeroom teacher OR
  • the parent must come to the school and present the change in transportation request.

Our students have a variety of ways to dismiss at the end of the day: car rider, bus rider, Prime Time, Good News Club, Bentley Center, Boys and Girls Club, and KPAC.  Last minute changes in transportation are difficult to manage with over 700 students on campus.

A CONSISTENT AFTERNOON PICK-UP is beneficial to student and homeroom teacher.

The TES Main Office hours are 6:45 AM-3:15 PM.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide care for your child after 2:20 PM. 

  • Remember, K-2 students who ride a bus MUST have an adult out at the bus stop to meet the child. Adults need to be at the stop at least 10 minutes prior to stop time.  Students who are returned to TES (3 times) because an adult was not present at the stop will lose afternoon bus service for 3 days when their child comes back on the bus.
  • Car rider students who are not picked up by 3:30 PM (and the parent has (or has not) contacted the school) will be suspended from school after three late pick-ups.
  • In the event a student is brought back to (bus rider) or left at school (car rider) after 3:30 PM and the office is unable to contact a parent/guardian, the Department of Social Services will be contacted.