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TES Parent-Student-Teacher Compact

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Troutman Elementary Parent-Teacher-Student Compact


Our Mission:    We are here to educate and inspire our students to become leaders, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.

Parents Pledge: 

     **Let the teacher know if my child has any problems with learning

     **Use reading and math materials the school sends home to help my child

     **Use school purchased websites in our home to support classroom instruction

     **Commit to read to/with my child at least 20 minutes/day

     **Help my child understand how to use reading and math to pursue his/her interests

     **Attend at least two face-to-face parent conferences/year

     **Attend at least one grade level curriculum information night

     **Access Parent Assist Portal (grades 3-5) to monitor my child’s grades

     **Review my child’s progress report and report card each nine weeks

     **Encourage my child to reach his/her Accelerated Reader goal each quarter

Students Pledge: 

     **Let my teacher and parents know if I need help

     **Read on my own or with someone at least 20 minutes each day

     **Practice my reading and math skills at home using materials sent home by my teacher

     **Write down my assignments and complete all of my homework

     **Use school websites at school and home to help improve my reading and math skills

     **Meet or exceed my Accelerated Reading goal each quarter

     **Limit my electronic game time to one hour/day

 Teachers Pledge: 

     **Create a partnership with every parent and student in my class

     **Use the Multi-Tiered Support System of interventions to provide struggling students with academic support

     **Monitor student progress, update grades weekly, and keep parents informed of their child’s progress

     **Send home Math Cluster information that explains upcoming math skills

     **Use Reading/Math Foundations trainings, Letterland, Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading, Transmath, and the NC Standard Course of Study to    deliver strong, differentiated instruction.

     **Use Leveled Literacy Kits for students demonstrating gaps in reading

     **Setup and hold parent conferences two times/year

     **Teach Number Talks, a mental math strategy, three times/week

     **Assign purposeful homework and grade it promptly