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Canvas/Powerschool Parent Help

Parents can now setup observer accounts in Canvas in order to view student's courses.
Canvas is the learning management system adopted by Iredell Statesville schools at the outset of this school year.  A learning management system is a program which allows teachers to deliver instruction, assign student work, receive assignment submissions, administer quizzes, provide feedback to students and organize online discussions.  
With an observer account parents will be able to view teacher created:
  • assignments
  • instruction
  • discussions
  • quizzes
  • homework
At this time we are moving towards utilizing Canvas more widely as a school. If you do not see all your child's classes listed in your observer account this is not an error in the system. As such, all of your child's homework will not yet be listed in Canvas so you should continue to check the teacher homework webpages until we complete the transition to Canvas.
1. To setup your account go to the Iredell Statesville Schools Canvas Portal (
2. Click on the gray banner.
The box that appears will require you to input: 
    • The Parent/Guardian's Name
    • The Parent/Guardian's Email
    • The Child/Student's Username 
This is the student's lunch number/student id number
    • The Child/Student's Password 

3. Parents/Guardians will need to enter the password based on the following format: student ID + lowercase middle initial + 2 digit birth month + 2 digit birth day + 4 digit birth year 
Note: If the student does not have a middle initial or has two middle names, a lower case n should be used.
For example: James Michael Smith has a Student ID of 3456835, and birthdate March 6, 2001. The password the for this is: 3456835m03062001

4. The parent/guardian will need to accept the terms and then click on the Start Participating button to finish setting up the account. 
5. You will receive a confirmation email from Canvas.
6. Be sure to click on the link in the Email that says, “Click here to finish the registration process.”
This will allow you to set a new password which will be used to log into Canvas. You will also receive emails for courses in which your student is enrolled. You can edit your Canvas notifications so that this will not be a recurring event.
Any issues and/or questions can be sent to Dana Gillis, Mount Mourne Media Specialist