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6th Grade Trip to the Outer Banks!

Field Trip Information

The students will ride on Christian Tours Charter Bus. Each bus has several teachers and chaperones on the bus. We are generally on the go from early morning until early evening. 
The students stay in the Ramada Inn at Kitty Hawk, NC. We generally have 25-30 chaperones for about 160-180 students. All of the girls stay on one floor and all of the boys on another floor. Sometimes we have a need to have more than one floor per group (2 floors of girls and 1 floor of boys).
A parent is in charge of about 7 students. A chaperone is either in the room, across the hall or in an adjoining room. In the evening, each teacher and chaperone go room to room and make sure that the students are ready for bed.
The hotel has cameras and will call our rooms if anyone is moving around. (This has not ever happened.) We hire a private security firm to sit at the end of the hallways in the evening to check identification for anyone going on the hallway.
We do have a low cost of $400 and with that we have 4 people to a room. Chaperones ride the bus and pay the same amount as the students. The chaperones are not chosen but it is whomever wants to go and passes the background check. (Thank goodness no one has failed!) 
I have attached a short video.  We do have some times where we say no cell phones but that is during our scheduled activities and sometimes on the bus. Students will pick their own roommates in April. 
If you have any other questions, please let me know. Beth Garver

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