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Schedule for Monday 9/17

Due to weather conditions, Crossroads and Mitchell are following a 2 hour delay on Monday, 9/17.  ***Be sure to check Remind messages and MCC homepage on Monday morning before leaving your house.  Conditions could change overnight that may alter the schedule.  

Students should plan to attend their high school classes on Monday using the abbreviated schedule below until further notice.  If you have a conflict between Crossroads, MCC, and/or SHS classes, you should plan to follow the schedule below and attend Crossroads classes. *** Email your MCC instructor if you have a schedule conflict or can't attend class on Monday and follow the absence procedures listed in your course syllabus.  
Crossroads schedule for Monday, 9/17:
10:15-11:25am - 1st block, and lunch from 10:55-11:25am.  
-Students with SHS classes 1st block will be dismissing from 1st at 10:46am, you guys will dismiss to the cafeteria and wait for lunch to begin at 10:55am as normal. 
-Sophomores with PED 111-Cross and HEA 110-Cross should plan to remain at Crossroads campus Monday and miss MCC class.  Mrs. Houston has contacted your instructors to notify them that these 2 groups will not come to MCC on Monday. **Be sure to check your MCC email and Moodle account for assignments from your MCC instructors.  
11:30am-12:40pm- 2nd block  
-Sophomores with no high school classes should report to Mac Gray and sign in for seminar.  Use this time to check your MCC email/Moodle messages and catch up on MCC assignments.  
-Other grade levels with seminar/no class will report to Ms. Underwood's room as normal.  
12:45-2:00pm3rd block
2:05-3:15pm4th block