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Making the Right Move

2019 Chess Tournament

"When you see a good move, look for a better one."  -Emanuel Lasker


Students from across the district gathered together on Thursday, March 21, 2019, at The Unity Center in Statesville, North Carolina, for the annual I-SS Chess Tournament.  This year, the tournament was held in a double elimination style.  Each player was able to compete against opponents from other schools and test out their skills.  Awards were divided by school-level, recognizing first, second, and third place winners.  The Sportsmanship Award was also given to a school at each level that displayed professionalism and good character throughout the entire tournament.  Congratulations to those that participated in this year's tournament.



Elementary School Division

1st Place: Liven Huang

2nd Place: Carter Culbreth

3rd Place: Parker Shrigley

Sportsmanship: Third Creek Elementary School

Elementary 2019 Chess Tournament Winners

Pictured left to right: Liven Huang - 1st place, Carter Culbreth - 2nd place, and Parker Shrigley - 3rd place.


Elementary School Chess Sportsmanship 2019 Award Winners

Pictured: Third Creek Elementary School 

Middle School Division

1st Place: PJ Liotino

2nd Place: Andrew Knopp

3rd Place: Elijah Mathis

Sportsmanship: North Iredell Middle School


2019 Middle School Chess Tournament Winners

Pictured: PJ Liotino- 1st place.  Not pictured is Andrew Knopp - 2nd place and Elijah Mathis - 3rd place.


2019 Middle School Chess Sportsmanship Award

 Pictured: North Iredell Middle School 


High School Division

1st Place: DJ Cook

2nd Place: Carson Cook

3rd Place: Dregan Shook

Sportsmanship: West Iredell High School


 2019 High School Chess Tournament Winners

Pictured: DJ Cook - 1st place.  Not pictured is Carson Cook - 2nd place and Dregan Shook - 3rd place. 


2019 High School Chess Tournament Sportsmanship Award

Pictured: West Iredell High School