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Graduation Rate Climbs for Iredell-Statesville Schools

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Graduation rates are up in the Iredell-Statesville Schools.  For the 2017-18 school year, I-SS boasts a 88.8% graduation rate, bringing the school district in above the North Carolina state average.  Regarding End-of-Grade testing, Iredell-Statesville Schools has 14 schools that exceeded growth, 14 that met growth, and 7 schools that did not meet growth.  Eleven of the seventeen elementary schools in the Iredell-Statesville Schools showed growth from the previous school year. 


East Elementary had the highest growth in the district, and has moved to a letter grade of “C.”  Lakeshore Middle School exceeded growth goals for 2017-18 and posted an impressive growth index of 3.24.  At Central Elementary, Principal Diana Jones is proud of the growth they achieved this year.  “Student success at Central Elementary is a celebration for the whole community. Our work ethic is a reflection of where we live. Our students and faculty have a growth mindset and believe anything is possible if we just work together!“

Statesville High School had the highest high school growth in the district for 2017-18, with a growth index of 3.01.  Hans Lassiter, principal at SHS said, “We are very excited about the upward trajectory our school is experiencing along academic lines. We were very strategic in scheduling, the selection and professional development of our instructional staff, and the use of instructional data garnered from I-Ready and EVAAS that served to improve and align our instructional practices and instructional outcomes. Along with this, our students and staff both committed to a “no holds barred” approach to effective teaching and learning. The biggest example of such was the establishment of our “Study Buddy” program we implemented during the lunch hour which is akin to the “Smart Lunch” program in place in many high schools today. This allowed students to receive supplemental instruction and embedded supports that enhanced what they learned during class which manifested itself on improvements in state assessments.  While we are excited about significant growth, we are in no way satisfied nor complacent. We realize that we have many more roads to travel and significant loads to lift so we may continue our upward trajectory.”


At Celeste Henkel Elementary School, Principal Keeley Ward feels positive about recent test scores.  “Celeste Henkel Elementary School is thrilled to have exceeded growth with a 3.49 growth index! The faculty and staff focused on meeting students' needs, whether it was basic foundational learning gaps, personal life issues that had to be met before learning could occur or building strong vocabulary and math strategies. Celeste Henkel is a letter C school according to the state. However, they have A+ initiatives and implementation with our students, families, and community!”


Principal Jonathan Nicastro accentuated the fact that Third Creek Elementary has had a positive growth trend for many years.  “Third Creek Elementary is an excellent school with a hardworking and dedicated staff. Over the last 4 years we have exceeded academic projections or “exceeded growth” for our students.  Although our overall accountability grade is a C we continue to prepare our students for success in the future.” 


At Lakeshore Elementary School, where proficiency scores give the school a letter grade of “B,” Principal Chris Grace attributes success to “the problem-solving strategies and techniques the students have developed with Problem Based Learning (PBL) training and partnership with Wake Forest Medical School.


While Statesville Middle School met their growth goals this year, they continue to post a letter grade of “F.”    The staff and students at SMS continue to make steady progress. Principal Kelly Campbell said, “At Statesville Middle School, we have made our students the focus of everything we do. Teachers are participating in Professional Development on Inquiry-Based Learning, and we use student data to provide differentiated instruction.   We continue to build relationships through the Capturing Kids Hearts Program. I am proud of the hard work teachers, students and all staff have contributed the last couple of years! We are excited to have "Met growth" and have our sights set on "Exceeding growth" for the 2018-19 school year.”


Iredell-Statesville Schools 2017-2018 School Growth Highlights

14=Exceeded Growth

14=Met Growth

  7=Did Not Meet Growth



Biggest Growth from 2016-2017 to 2017-2018


1. East Iredell Elementary, +8.55

2. Coddle Creek Elementary, +5.08

3. Lake Norman Elementary, +4.64



1. Lakeshore Middle, +3.24

2. Statesville Middle, +3.14

3. West Iredell Middle, +2.48



1. Statesville High, +3.01

2. North Iredell High, +1.8

3. South Iredell High, +1.52


  • CCTL ranks 15th among High Schools in the state with a School Performance Score of 95.
  • Northview School ranks 3rd among Middle Schools in the state with a School Performance Score of 94.
  • Lake Norman High ranks 22nd among High Schools in the state with a Growth Index of 6.49.
  • Lakeshore Middle ranks 26th among Middle Schools in the state with a Growth Index of 6.11.
  • Lake Norman Elementary ranks 26th among Elementary Schools in the state with a Growth Index of 6.26.