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Unprecedented Support from Iredell County Commissioners for Legislative Priorities

Joint Resolution Signings

In the spirit of solidarity and showing full community commitment, the Board of Education from Iredell-Statesville Schools and Mooresville Graded Schools, along with the Iredell County Board of Commissioners, met to sign Joint Resolutions representing three legislative priorities which deeply affect our State's public school districts. Five legislative priorities were addressed during Legislative breakfasts hosted by Iredell-Statesville Schools in December and Mooresville Graded Schools in January.

  • Joint Resolution To Support A Balanced Accountability Model For All Public Schools  Amend the current formula (80 percent achievement and 20 percent growth) to a model based on 50 percent growth and 50 percent achievement.  This change in formula will reward academic improvement and lift teacher morale while providing the community a truer picture of the academic performance of our schools.

  • Joint Resolution To Support Local Control and Flexibility With The Public School Calendar  Giving local school boards the same flexibility and control over their academic calendar that charter schools currently enjoy will allow districts to produce a more positive schedule for students. High-stakes testing for high school students after winter break and second-semester misalignment with local community colleges and universities creates an undue burden on schools and students.

  • Joint Resolution To Support Local Flexibility Concerning Class Size Legislation   The class size reduction legislation (HB1030) passes the financial impact of reducing class sizes from the state to the county government and will limit the ability of districts to offer choice option programs, in addition to creating a shortage of highly qualified teachers and classroom space issues for districts.

The other two legislative priorities identified during previous meetings addressed investing adequate resources in North Carolina Public Schools (currently, North Carolina ranks 45th out of 51 in the nation in per-pupil funding) and increased compensation for all educators and school personnel.