Wacky Tacky Day




    Games to play: Great Review Games



    1. Crab soccer/soft ball/goals/2 teams



    2. Noodle and blow up ball baseball…say a note before you get a swing



    3. On your bottoms volleyball. Same rules/Divide room into two teams/on bottoms/Soft blow up ball



    4. Speed Ball Quiet Ball…pass ball quietly and quickly. IF you drop it, sit down until two are left for winners…nerf ball



    5. Quiet Ball Hot Potato: Pass soft nerf ball around in any order as you play music. No talking. When music stops, whoever is holding the ball gets a card with info or something to share or look up/etc…not everyone will get a card



    6. Book of lists: Sit in circle. Pass an object soft around. First person must share 5 of something (5 Presidents/5 verbs/5 trees/5 oceans/seas etc..) If the object get to them before they are finishes listing they are out. Whenever the person is finished listing, whoever is holding the object goes next. Use as a review as well to answer questions or state vocabulary definitions.



    7. I got softball who has kneepads? Igot volleyball who has skiis? Game



    8. I got spirit cheer. Put class into 7 to 8 groups. Each group must come up with 2 of some type of question (reading). To choose which team gets your question…call them out…with spirit cheer…mime it whisper it, robot it, etc so it is not loud.



    9. 7 to 8 groups: After reading different portions of passage or part of event (history), groups must create a comic strip to tell what is going on speech bubbles/dialogue punctuation etc…… or present their piece as if they are a news report/game show host/preacher/sports announcer (2 ideas)