• Welcome to my Classroom

    Kim Taylor

                                              Welcome to Art
    Students will come to art class once a week for 50 minutes. Students will explore art and learn about art and artist.  We will try alot of different media such as paint, clay, yarn, ink, paper, pencil, chalk, markers.   We will be learning the elements of art (line, color, shape, texture,space, form, value).  We will also learn about the principles of design (pattern. rhythm, movement, unity, harmony, variety, pattern, emphasis).   We will explore printmaking, mosaics, pottery, collage, weaving, drawing painting and a whole world of exciting art.
    My Classroom Mission

           Our mission in art class is to use our imaginations to  be creative artists.  To learn all we can about art, artists and the Elements and Principles.  To try new media and  have fun.  We will do this by listening, trying our best, being respectful and soaring.
    About Me
     I graduated from East Carolina University with a BS degree in Art Education.
    I have been teaching in Iredell Statesville Schools for 23 years. I have taught art at Cool Spring for 12 years.  I love teaching art and helping students become the best artist they can be.  I am married to my husband, Jeff, who is a respiratory therapist.  We have three children, Ian, Canaan and Mackenzie.  We also have a Yorkie named Wake,a Maltizu named Bandit and a cat named Princess.