• Welcome to my Classroom

    Beth Jenkins

         Welcome to Kindergarten!  This is a big year for all!

         My name is Beth Jenkins, and I am happy to be your child’s teacher.  I love teaching Kindergarten students because they are so eager to learn and they make such wonderful progress.  I enjoy helping them gain skills in reading, writing, math, and many other subjects.  We will be working toward both personal and academic goals, and we will also emphasize the Leader in Me program in which we focus on citizenship---being respectful, responsible, and caring.

         It is my hope that we can work together to ensure that your child receives an excellent education.  I encourage you to eat lunch with us, to volunteer to work with the children, and to call me or send a note or email with any questions or concerns.  Please discuss with your child the importance of working cooperatively with others, completing all tasks, and doing his/her best.

         I look forward to our working as partners to help you child grow in skills, knowledge, citizenship, and love of learning.

    About Me
    I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I grew up in a rural area in West Virginia and earned my undergraduate degree from Glenville State College.  This is my fifteenth year of teaching, and it is my eighth year of teaching Kindergarten.  My husband is an Iredell county native and we were married nine years ago.  We are proud parents of four beautiful children.  Eliza will be attending third grade and our son, Wyatt will be in 1st grade at TCE.  We also have 1 year old twins, Clinton and Lydia.  Needless to say, I am a busy lady but wouldn’t change a thing!
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