• Iredell-Statesville Schools' National Board Support Program
    Mission Statement 
    "Teacher quality is the single most important factor impacting student learning"    
    Adrienne Mack-Kirshner
    Welcome to the Iredell-Statesville Schools' National Board Support Program home page. Our support program is designed to assist (in all areas of National Board Certification) our candidates through this "rigorous" yet "doable" process. Our support model is predicated on differentiated sessions focused around the Five Core Propositions of National Board Certification and the individualized Standards of each certificate area, in which the candidates measure and evaluate their own teaching context against those Standards.  We desire to lead our candidates, empowering them, to think about the decisions they make everyday and verbalize why those decisions matter, and to reflect upon the quality of their teaching and the practice they implement daily for the strict purpose of improving and impacting student learning. In turn, we want our candidates to maximize their strengths and build upon their opportunities while at the same time maximizing the strengths and enhancing the gaps of their students. In this way, they will undoubtedly "step out(side) the box and into certification."

    For questions regarding National Board Certification contact: 

    Ethan Todd