• Things I Should Do

    __ Provide a daily routine that includes regular times for meals.
    __ Establish a bedtime that gives my child eight or more hours of sleep at night.
    __ See that my child has opportunities for rigorous physical activity, outside when possible, everyday.
    __ Help my child select and wear clothing appropriate for indoor climate and outdoor weather conditions.
    __ See that my child has had required immunizations and current health examination.
    __ Help my child develop independence in dressing, eating and personal hygiene.
    __ Interact frequently with my child each day by talking, listening and touching.
    __ Take my child to a variety of places.
    __ Provide toys, games and household objects that encourage exploration, manipulation and dramatic play.
    __ Teach socially acceptable ways to disagree.
    __ Encourage social values such as helpfulness, cooperation, sharing and concerns for others.
    __ Demonstrate common expressions of courtesy and praise my child for using them (please, thank you).
    __ Establish reasonable limits for behaviors and hold my child to them.
    __ Talk with my child about our family, our cultures in our community.
    __ Encourage work values such as effort, persistence, and initiative.
    __ Read to my child every day.  Talk together about the pictures and story.
    __ Provide books, magazines and other printed materials for my child to handle.
    __ Provide pencils, markers, paper and encourage drawing and scribbling or writing.
    __ Invite my child to help with grocery lists, grocery shopping, sending cards.

Last Modified on September 3, 2013