• Kindergarten Readiness Skills

    Behavioral Skills
    __ Child can usually inhibit body movements and keeps hands to
          himself/herself while in line and during circle time.
    __ Child usually sits quietly while attending to a short story.
    __ Child is learning to respect other students.
    __ Child participates in clean up activities.
    __ Child verbalizes or tries to verbalize his/her frustrations and problems rather
         than physically acting out.
    __ Child is able to work in small groups.
    __ Child attempts to complete a teacher assigned task.
    __ Child chooses a free choice activity and maintains his/her involvement in
         this activity.
    Self Help Skills
    __ Child uses appropriate  bathroom skills ( flush toilet, wash hands, dress self,
    __ Child can dress self (socks, coat, pants, and attempts tying shoes).
    __ Child is learning to take responsibility for own belongs (coat, book bag,
          lunch, library books, etc.)
    Language and Listening
    __ Child can verbalize his/her first and last name.
    __ Child can complete a two-step direction.
    __ Child can share an idea, experience, or description.
    __ Child has heard a variety of stories and has participated in follow-up
    __ Child practices accepted patterns of speech (irregular verbs, however are
          still emerging)
    __ Child can engage in a socially appropriate conversion.
    __ Child can participate in informal creative dramatics ( play house, puppets,
         role playing. etc.)
    Math Skills
    __ Child can count 1 to 10.
    __ Child can demonstrate 1 to 1 correspondence with concrete objects up to
          his/her age.
    __ Child has had experience with identifying two objects in terms of
          large/small, tall/short, long/short, more/less.
    __ Child can recognize similarities and differences such as color, size and
    Large Muscle Skills
    __ Child can identify general body parts (back, stomach, head, legs, etc.)
    __ Child has had experience with jumping, standing on one foot, galloping
         skipping, hopping and swinging.
    __ Child has had experience throwing  and catching balls.
    __ Child has had experience in building blocks.
    __ Child has had experience in painting at an easel.
    Small Muscle Skills
    __ Child has been encouraged and tries to grip crayons correctly.
    __ Child has had frequent experience cutting with scissors and holding scissors
         correctly with scissors thumb oriented up.
    __ Child has had experience playing with clay.
    __ Child has had experience playing with puzzles.
    Writing and Spelling
    __ Child recognizes his/her first name
    __ Child tries to write his/her first name using lower case letters with a capital
         at the beginning.
    __ Child can copy, draw, and reasonable trace a line and a circle.
    __ Child can identify and name the eight basic colors.
    __ Child has had tactile like experiences with water, sand, clay, rice, finger
         painting, etc.
    __ Child can sing the alphabet song.

Last Modified on September 3, 2013