Art Activities
Glue Pumps
Fill empty hand lotion pump bottles with glue.  It's easy to pump and less mess.
Sponge painting helper
Hot glue an empty thread spool to the sponge to provide a handle for the child.
Clay Tablets
Children smooth out clay onto sheets of waxed paper.  Using pencils, they write a
 letter or number in their clay.  Clear the "tablet" and write different letters/numbers.
Apple Print
Cut a few small apples in half.  Dip the flat surface into a shallow
pan of red tempera paint.  Have child make prints onto paper.  Then place a
green thumbprint leaf atop each one.
Begin with one large construction paper square.  Glue small squares atop the
large one until it is nearly covered.  Try the same activity with triangles,
rectangles, or circles to introduce all shapes.
Tootsy Tulips
Mix red tempera paint with liquid soap in a shallow rectangular pan.  Using a paint roller,
evenly coat a flat tray with the paint mixture.  Submerge an old towel in a pan of water.
Also provide a towel for clean-up.  Step barefoot onto the tray, then onto a sheep of large
art paper, and finally into the pan of water to rinse.
Paint green stems to complete this project.


Last Modified on September 3, 2013