Director of Gifted Learning, IB
    and Online Programs
    Kelly Hinson
    ADR Education Center
    410 Garfield Street
    Statesville, NC   28677
    Administrative Assistant to Gifted Learning/AIG Resource Room Manager
    Andrea Galliher
    ADR Education Center
    410 Garfield Street
    Statesville, NC   28677
    How to Contact the AIG Department
    The Iredell-Statesville Academically and Intellectually Gifted Department is dedicated to collaboration with all our stakeholders. For the most effective communications, please utilize the following:
    Chain of Inquiry for Gifted Services
    1. Regular Education Teacher (contact through the school office or email)
    2. AIG School Coordinator
    3. Principal
    4. Differentiation Specialist
    5. Director of the Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program
    Differentiation Specialists: 
    Our Differentiation Specialists follow a regular schedule for supporting elementary schools and meeting with identified elementary students in the district. 
    Carol Millsaps    cbmillsaps@iss.k12.nc.us
    Elementary Schools Served:
    Celeste Henkel Elementary Central Elementary
    NB Mills Elementary
    Scotts Elementary
    Sharon Elementary Troutman Elementary
    Union Grove Elementary  
    Elementary Schools Served:
    Coddle Creek Elementary Cloverleaf Elementary
    Cool Spring Elementary East Iredell Elementary
    Harmony Elementary Shepherd Elementary
    Third Creek Elementary  
    Elementary Schools Served:
    Lake Norman Elementary Lakeshore Elementary
    Woodland Heights Elementary  

    Our Differentiation Specialists are available to provide support to Middle and High Schools when needed: 
    Middle Schools:
    Statesville Middle School-Carol Millsaps
    Troutman Middle School-Carol Millsaps
    West Iredell Middle School-Carol Millsaps
    East Iredell Middle School-Erin Robertson 
    North Iredell Middle School-Erin Robertson
    Northview-Erin Robertson
    Brawley Middle School-Wendy Lewis
    Lakeshore Middle School-Wendy Lewis
    Mount Mourne-Wendy Lewis
    High Schools:
    Career Academy and Technical School-Carol Millsaps
    Pressly-Carol Millsaps 
    West Iredell High School-Carol Millsaps
    Crossroads Arts and Science-Carol Millsaps 
    North Iredell High School-Erin Robertson
    Statesville Senior High School-Erin Robertson 
    Collaborative College Technology and Leadership-Wendy Lewis
    Lake Norman High School-Wendy Lewis
    South Iredell High School-Wendy Lewis
    Agriculture and Science Early College-Erin Robertson
Last Modified on January 9, 2019