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      flag    The American Flag

    Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions.

    1. In 1775, what type of flag did American ships in New England waters fly?

    2. When was the LAST change made to the U. S. Flag?

    3. Who designed the first flag?  

    4. Who sewed the first flag? 

    5. What do the colors of the flag mean?

    6. The United States flag as we know it today was first displayed on what day and year?

    7. Our flag has a nickname.  What is the nickname?  Describe who gave the flag the nickname and how the nickname came about. 

    8. When is it appropriate to display the flag upside down?

    9. A person who is an expert in the history of flags is called a ____________.

    10. What year was the Pledge of Allegiance written?  What holiday was it written for?  When was the Pledge of Allegiance officially recognized?

    11.  Read the commentary by Red Skelton.  What does "indivisible" mean?

    Created by: (Patricia Parker Sharon Elementary School.)

    North Carolina Standard Course of Study Goals and Objectives: LEARNNC.