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    Our 50 States   Part 2 (Montana - Wyoming)

    Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions.

    1. Montana: Who constucted the first jail in the state?

    2. Nebraska: What drink was invented in Hastings?

    3. Nevada:  Austin's oldest church, St. Augustine, requires the establishment's bells in the tower to be rung by pulling a rope.  Where is the rope located?

    4. New Hampshire: What nursery rhyme was written by Sarah Hale?

    5. New Jersey: Atlantic City helped make which board game?  What did they use?

    6. New Mexico: In 1963, the New Mexican legislature chose something to be the official state animal.  What animal is it and why did they choose it?

    7. New York:  What bathroom item was invented in New York City?

    8. North Carolina:  They started what breakfast treat, mini-sport and soda? (3 different areas)

    9. North Dakota: North Dakota grows a certain flower more than any other state, which flower is it?

    10. Ohio: What famous American food was first served in Ohio?

    11. Oklahoma:  What world championship is held in the town of Beaver?

    12. Oregon: What holiday lands on the state's birthday?

    13. Pennsylvania:  What dark sweet food is in Pennsylvania, and in which city?

    14. Rhode Island:  What animal event started in 1774?

    15. South Carolina: What fruit is produced more in South Carolina than anywhere else?

    16. South Dakota: What is carved in the world's greatest mountain carving, and what is it called?

    17. Tennessee: What county has the most animals in the U.S. and what animal is it?

    18. Texas: What soda originated in Texas?

    19. Utah:  Where were the 2002 Olympic Winter Games held?

    20. Vermont: Where does the extra Ben and Jerry's ice cream go?

    21. Virginia: Describe what's different about their state flower?

    22. Washington: Seattle was the first to have what kind of restaurant?

    23. West Virginia:  How many points did Danny Heater score in a basketball game?

    24. Wisconsin: Wisconsin started what grade level?

    25. Wyoming: This state was the first to give whcih group of people the right to vote?



    Created by: Patricia Parker Sharon Elementary School

    North Carolina Standard Course of Study Goals and Objectives:  LEARNNC
    Grade 5