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    Our 50 States     Part 1 (Alabama- Missouri)

    Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions.

    1. Alabama: What is their official state nut?

    2. Alaska: What is their official state sport?

    3. Arizona:  What famous national park is found here?

    4. Arkansas: What contest do they hold every year in Stuttgart?

    5. California: What animal is raised more in California than any other state?

    6. Colorado: What city in Colorado claims to invent the first sandwich that most people love to eat?

    7. Connecticut:  How did the inventor of the lollipop come up with its name?

    8. Delaware:  Describe the frying pan used in the Delmarva Chicken Festival?

    9. Florida: What drink is named for the University of Florida Gators?

    10. Georgia: What soda was invented in Georgia?

    11. Hawaii:  What letters are part of the Hawaiian alphabet?


    12. Idaho: An Idaho law forbids candy that is over _____ pounds to be given to another citizen.

    13. Illinois:  What restaurant began in Des Plaines?

    14. Indiana:  What town in Indiana receives over one half million letters in December?

    15. Iowa: What is the largest cereal making company in the world?

    16. Kansas: What was once outlawed to serve on cherry pie?

    17. Kentucky: What song was created in 1893?

    18. Louisiana: Louisiana has a law about biting people, what is it?

    19. Maine:  Ninety-nine percent of what fruit is produced here?

    20. Maryland: How old was the person who first successfully manned a balloon launch?

    21. Massachusetts: What sport was invented in Holyoke?

    22. Michigan:  Describe what makes their post office different than the other states.

    23. Minnesota:  What candy bars were invented here?

    24. Mississippi: What famous stuffed animal was made here and why?

    25. Missouri: How was the ice cream cone invented?



    Created by: Patricia Parker Sharon Elementary School

    North Carolina Standard Course of Study Goals and Objectives:  LEARNNC
    Grade 5