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    What is a Dinosaur?

    Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions.

    1. How long were the longest dinosaurs?

    2. How small was the smallest dinosaur?

    3. What animal is bigger than any dinosaur?

    4. What color were the dinosaurs?

    5. Could any dinosaurs fly?

    6. Were more dinosaurs plant-eaters or meat-eaters?

    7. Name a well-known meat-eating dinosaur that starts with the letter T?

    8. Name a plant-eating dinosaur with three horns on its head?

    9. What are scientists who study fossils called?

    10. When did the dinosaurs go extinct?


    Created by: (Patricia Parker   Sharon Elementary School)

    North Carolina Standard Course of Study Goals and Objectives: (You can copy and paste from LEARNNC.)