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    Michele Freeze
    DPI Licensed School Social Work Specialist
    Cell #: (704) 437-0795

    Iredell-Statesville Schools is committed to providing the highest level of education available to all students in our communities. Regular school attendance and continued interest in the students' well being plays an essential part to their academic success and ultimately, their personal and professional development. The State of NC adopted the Compulsory Attendance Law which requires that every child between the ages of seven (or younger, if enrolled) and sixteen attend school. Under this law, the parent or guardian is responsible for ensuring that students attend school daily.
    It is the responsibility of the School Social Worker to investigate any violations of the Compulsory Attendance Law. This process includes meeting with the child and their family to analyze or assess the causes of the absences and help to determine the steps to eliminate the problem. Another primary function is to promote the maximum development of all students by prevention and alleviation of other problems that interfere with the tasks of learning through knowledge of human behavior, social systems and social work skills. When all of this works together we will be able to ensure that no child is left behind.
    Student Support Services' Mission
    Student Support Services will assist all students in achieving their full academic potential by providing opportunities to enhance their emotional, social and physical well-being.
    About Me

    I earned my Bachelor of Social Work degree from Appalachian State University.