Out of District Workshops Template Submission

  •   Finance’s prior approval/reimbursement process has not changed
  •   Workshop template submission and documentation process has changed
  •  Submission of workshop template and Certificate of CEUs take place after the workshop is completed
  •   From Staff tab on I-SS home page Select Time Keeper
  •    Log in as you normally would
  •    Click on CEUs from menu on left
  •    Click on View/Submit CEUs for approval link
  •    Click  + Add New
       Complete the following fields and upload CEU certificate
    •  Completion Date : Enter  the date the workshop ends
    •   Course Code:  Leave Blank 
    •  Location:  Enter where the workshop was held
    •   Type of Credit:  Leave Blank
    •   Course Types:  Leave Blank
    •   Description:  Enter  the title of the workshop
    •  Facilitator :  Enter Out-of-District
    •   Credits:  Enter  total of hours awarded for this  workshop
    •  Credit Breakdown:  Enter the  total hours beside the type of credit  received for this workshop
    •  Supporting Document  
      •   Description:  Enter title of workshop
      •  Click on upload file button
      •   Search for the uploaded certificate
      •    Click Save








Last Modified on July 29, 2016