•  Mount Mourne Honor Code
    IB World Schools create Honor Codes for academic honesty that support learners and safeguard the integrity of the International Baccalaureate Programmee.   In the 21st century, opportunities for misuse of resources are significantly greater than in the past. Developments in communication, technology, and information management have enhanced student academic opportunities but as well as pose potential threats to academic commitment and focus

    Mount Mourne students are expected to display academic honesty at all times.  These include a set of values that promotes personal integrity and good practice in learning and assessment, as an approach to learning in MYP.  We realize that academic honesty is influenced by many factors, such as peer pressure, parental/teacher expectations, role modeling and taught skills. Students should display at all times honesty, use of all forms of resources appropriately, and follow teacher procedures when dishonesty is observed or discovered. Academic honesty is the responsibility of all, including teachers, students, administration and parents.

    The staff at Mount Mourne  support academic honesty by stressing the role of the approaches to learning skills, problem solving, and being responsible for ones’ choices. Academic honesty at Mount Mourne looks like the following:

    Personal Skills:

    acting with integrity, working with confidence and independence, evaluating self, meeting deadlines, determining to achieve one’s potential

    Social Skills:

    working collaboratively, contributing to a group, acknowledging the work of group members, evaluating peers

    Technical Skills:

    recognizing the work and ideas of others, citing and referencing text and online sources appropriately, understanding plagiarism

    Academic Honesty Offenses and Actions

    Offenses include but are not limited to: copying classmates’ homework, allowing parents/guardians to complete assignments, talking/cheating on tests, using calculators improperly, plagiarizing text or online sources, informing classmates about assessments

    Action for First Offense:

    alternate assignment & resubmission, parent contact, and disciplinary referral

    Action for Second Offense:

    alternate assignment & resubmission, parent contact, and one-day suspension

    Action for Further Offense:

    alternate assignment & resubmission, parent contact, and extended suspension or removal from Mount Mourne, an IBO World School

    Mt. Mourne Honor Code (Word Document)