Cloverleaf Elementary Media Center
    My Classroom Mission
    We visit the media center to find books and other materials that will help us improve our reading skills, gain knowledge, and have fun.

    When we are in the media center, we should be good listeners, follow the rules, and show respect to the people and resources. 
    Media Center Rules
    1. Please Walk quietly when entering and moving about the media center.
    2. Please use an Inside Voice when talking in the media center.
    3. Please remember to use your Time wisely in the media center while checking books in and out and using the other print and digital resources.
    4. Please Respect the people and resources available in the media center.
     Online Resources
    AR  Book Find
    www.arbookfind.com                       Country Reports
     Scholastic BookFlix    
    World Book Online                            Destiny Library Search
    World Book Web
    NC WiseOwl




Last Modified on September 26, 2017