Welcome to my Classroom

    Lynne Harner

    a                        Our Class Mission         
    In Mrs. Harner's kindergarten, we will have fun learning! We will work hard to BE SAFE in our classroom and school, BE RESPONSIBLE and take care of ourself, our classroom and our school and BE RESPECTFUL to each other and adults (our class and school rules).We look forward to making new friends and working together as a family.  We will do our best to learn letters, sounds, sight words and how to READ and WRITE all by ourselves!  We are going to work hard to learn how to count from 1-100 or higher and recognize and write our #'s 0-30.  We will learn alot because we will be good listeners, follow the rules, and practice what we learn at home!
    About Me

    Welcome to Kindergarten!  My name is Lynne Harner and I have been teaching for 22 years, 19 of those years at Harmony in kindergarten.  I live in Olin with my husband, 1 dog, 3 cats, and too many chickens and have a son and a daughter who are both married. I attend church at Union Grove United Methodist Church where I sing in the adult choir and lead the youth choirs.  I love to read, work in my gardens, spend time with my family, and walk in the woods with my dog Sadie.  Being outside is my "happy place!"  My favorite subject to teach is science and I hope I NEVER GRADUATE from kindergarten!!