• Student Assistance Program
    Student Assistance Program is a an extension of the school counseling program.  The goal of the program is to enhance the student's educational experience by providing intervention and support to students experiencing a variety of personal problems..
    Problems are a part of life. During the time that children are in middle/high school, they will be faced with many issues-maybe a drop in grades, boyfriend/girlfriend problems, an eating disorder, anger, pressure to smoke or drink-or any other difficulty common to teens.
    Student Assistance Programs train the staff at each school to recognize the signs of these problems.  When a teacher sees a student displaying possible signs, he/she passes the information to the school's SAP Coordinator who is a trained mental health professional.
    The SAP Coordinator has an extensively trained CORE team that follows up on the problem by gathering information confidentially.  If it is needed, a CORE Team member, who may be a teacher, counselor, or school nurse, will casually talk to the student to see if there is any way they can help or to begin to identify the problem.  Then recommendations for assistance are made.
    If the student seems to need additional assistance, CORE Team members may meet with the student and parents.  A referral to an in-school support group, counseling, or an outside agency may be made.  The SAP Team is dedicated to doing what it takes to get the student back on track.
Last Modified on July 18, 2007