• School Social Work is a part of the Student Support Services unit within the Iredell Statesville Schools. The services are designed to promote the maximum development of all students by the prevention and/or alleviation of problems that interfere with learning. The primary goal is to maintain effective communication between the home, school, and community to ensure that the best possible conditions for learning occur. Extensive involvement with parents to encourage a more active and responsible role in the education of their children as major emphasis. In addition, significant interaction with the students and collaboration with parents, school, and community agency personnel is an important role. 

    School Social Work 2013-2014

    Tonya Reid

    Social Lead School Social Worker

    McKinney Vento District Liaison
    704-832-2549 o
    704-437-0826 c
    Cloverleaf Elem, East Elem, Troutman Elem


    Michele Freeze

    School Social Worker
    Truancy Court Liaison
    704-832-2525 o

    704-437-0795 c


    NB Mills, Third Creek Elem, Celeste Henkel Elem, Scotts Elem


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