• West Iredell High School Profile

    Mission:  Creating excellence every day through powerful individualized instruction paired with technology to prepare our students to achieve their academic potential. Our students will become 21st Century learners and successful members of the community. We will achieve our mission with the support of our staff, parents, and the community. 

    Vision:  Creating Excellence Every Day



    Respect – We acknowledge each others’ dignity and ideas.  We interact in a courteous way.  We genuinely talk and listen to each other.

    Competence – We believe in each others’ abilities and willingness to fulfill our responsibilities effectively. 

    Personal regard – We care about each other both professionally and personally.  We are willing to go beyond our formal roles as needed and to go the extra mile.

    Integrity – We trust each other to put the interest of children first, especially when tough decisions must be made.  We keep our word.

    Attitude – We accept responsibility for keeping our attitudes positive rather than negative.  We are convinced that attitude can make or break an individual or an organization.  We are lighting candles rather than cursing the darkness.


    Demographics:  West was built in 1973 to accommodate 700 students.  Our current population exceeds 980.  We completed a $13 million dollar expansion and renovation that was completed in the fall of 2008.  Currently, West is comprised of 76% Caucasian, 18% African-American, 10% Hispanic, 2% Asian, <1% Multi-Racial, and <1% American Indian.  We have an Exceptional Student population of 9%.  West has seventeen subgroups for AYP testing.  West serves two public housing communities within the city limits of Statesville.  Currently, 43.1% of our students receive free or reduced lunch.

    Program Offerings:  West offers the standard high school core curriculum.  We offer a full range of visual and performing arts classes.  West offers courses in all of the Career Clusters.   We offer an Army JROTC program and an after school Credit Recovery Program.  With our Virtual High School, our students have unlimited course offerings.  We enjoy a strong partnership with Mitchell Community College where our students can take entry level college courses and Career and College Promise Courses.


    West Iredell High School is grounded in growing our students, increasing our students’ opportunities for success, and community service. Academic progress at WIHS has seen significant growth the past six years, posting gains in overall proficiency graduation rates. What makes WIHS unique is how this growth is being accomplished. A significant factor in the recent gains can be attributed to our minority and disadvantaged populations. In the 2006-07, the proficiency gap between white and African-American students was 32.5%, similar to the state average gap of 31.3%. Last year, with 19% of our test takers being African-American, the proficiency gap between white and African-American students decreased to 8.7%, compared to the state average gap of 20.4%. A similar decrease can be seen in our economically disadvantaged students. In 2006-07, the gap between economically disadvantaged students and non-economically disadvantaged students was 18.1%, compared to a state average of 23.1%. This past year, with 56% of WIHS test takers being identified economically disadvantaged, the gap at WIHS shrunk to 6.2%, compared to a state average of 19.1%.

    WIHS is committed to increasing our students’ opportunities for success. One of the keys to recent gains is the development of our Supporting Warriors to Achieve Greatness program, SWAG. Our SWAG program is one hour every day after 2nd period, in which all students have one hour for lunch, remediation, tutoring, clubs, and intramural sports. Initially, students were permitted to choose to attend tutorials and remediation. While many students made good decisions, a significant number of students most in need of tutoring and remediation, choose not to attend. In response, the faculty and administration at WIHS formed a SWAG SWOT team to address this issue. Just a few months ago, SWAG was modified to include required study halls for students who are not being successful in 3 of their 4 classes. The immediate impact of this change is a significant decrease in the number of student failing courses. Currently, students’ grades are monitored through academic advisory meetings every Thursday and the required attendance lists to study halls are updated every other Thursday. In the future, as WIHS implements RtI, the study halls will evolve to meet the specific needs of the students through targeted interventions. As another approach to increase our students’ opportunities, WIHS is placing a focus on increasing the number of students taking Advanced Placement courses. This past year, student enrollment in AP courses increased by 50%.

    WIHS is committed to community service. One of the benefits of SWAG at WIHS is that clubs can meet during the school day. This has increased the number of clubs and student participation. Many of our clubs and organizations give back to the community through volunteer hours, donations, and fund raising. Our students have contributed to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Purple Heart Homes, Pregnancy Resource Center, Boys and Girls Club of Iredell County, United Way and in-house programs that provide food and clothing to students in need.   

    Special Recognitions

    It is the vision of WIHS to become a school of distinction and meet all AYP/AMO goals. In the past three years WIHS was recognized as a school of distinction twice and this past year received the highest overall proficiency percentage in school history at 84.5%. With 16 to 17 subgroups, WIHS has met all of its proficiency goals 4 out of the past 6 years and achieved “High Growth” status 3 out of the past 6 years. In this time frame, the graduation rate has increased from 75.1% to 84.7%. Our CTE program is vital to the community and culture of our school. Last year, on the Work Keys testing, 12% of WIHS students finished with a gold ranking, 59% with a silver ranking and 20% with a bronze ranking. WIHS was recognized as an NC Safe School in 2007-08. Our Students Against Destructive Decisions chapter was recognized by a local law firm, Michael A. DeMayo, for its pre-Prom safety programs. The WIHS Interact club was recently recognized by the local Rotary Club for the number of in-school service projects. Last year, the Daughters of the American Revolution recognized our JROTC program for community service hours, with our Juniors taking first place in the nation and our Seniors receiving honorable mention. Our JROTC program was recognized by Retired General Colin Powell and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta for our JROTC’s Academic Bowl team that finished 5th in the nation. This team finished 7th the year before.


    Contact Information:  Gordon Palmer, Principal, 213 Warrior Drive, Statesville, NC  28625.  Phone - (704) 873-2181.  Email – gpalmer@iss.k12.nc.us
Last Modified on August 26, 2015