Worksheet Genius: Extra Practice with rounding to the nearest 10 and 100  
    Copy the link below to practice rounding.
     Nearest ten
      2 digit number rounding to nearest 100
     3 digit number to nearest 10
    Round to the nearest 100
    NOTE:  When the problem says round to the underlined digit, the student should round to that place.
    Ex. 238 the student is to round to the nearest hundred.
    They must determine which two hundreds  the number 238 comes between.  It comes between 200 and 300.  Then they make a number line and label it with the correct benchmarks numbers.  Then they find the midpoint and place the rounding number on the number line.   Then they must determine if 238 is closer to 200 or 300.  They can use humps to help determine this and have a visual.  It is closer to 200, so 238 would round down to 200.    
    They repeat the same process for each place value they are rounding to.