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    Always Believe in Children!
    Classroom Mission Statement

    We'll make mistakes to help us grow,
    So all the 3rd grade skills we'll know.
    Using the 7 habits and 3 C's,
    All of us will pass the EOG's!
    About the Teacher
    I am originally from Rapid City, South Dakota, but I moved to North Carolina in 2004.  Since moving to North Carolina, I have taught second, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade at Third Creek Elementary.  I absolutely love coming to work everyday and having the opportunity to spend time with such wonderful children.  I also have two wonderful boys of my own, Lucas and Logan, and five dogs.
    I feel privileged to teach such a diverse group of students.  I learn from my students and their families everyday!  I am honored to be your child's 3rd grade teacher.  As you become familiar with my classroom, I hope that my love for teaching your children becomes obvious!