• Register for a Workshop (Participant)
    •  From Staff tab on I-SS home page Select Time Keeper
    •  Log in as you normally would
    •  Click on Workshop Registration from the menu on left
    •  In the “Available Workshop “section Click on Descriptions to get workshops in alpha-order then Scroll to find the title of your workshop. You can also search by the date of the workshop. There are no course numbers at this time
    •  Click on title
    •  At the bottom of the web page click “Register”, then Click “Yes”
    • You can un-register if you wish with Un-register button at bottom of web page
    •  Log out at top of page or be timed out
    •  Time Keeper has a rather short cycle time and you will be timed out if not interacting with the platform
    Contact: Jamie Davidson at  jamie_davidson@iss.k12.nc.us or 704-924-2046
Last Modified on May 6, 2019