• Mrs. Smith is rockin' Fifth!!!!

    Welcome to my Classroom

    Erin Smith
    The teacher noticed that little Johnny wasn't paying attention during math class so she called on him.  "Johnny, what is 242, 6, 29, and 168?!!!"
    Johnny stood up and promptly replied, "HBO, CBS, Lifetime, and the Cartoon Network!!!!"
    My Classroom Mission

    Mrs. Smith's class of 2014/15 will be respectful of Celeste family members, exuberant about growing in our studies, and be an example of excellence and AWESOMENESS to the younger students.  We will achieve this by putting forth our best efforts to learn, be kind, gentle souls, and maintain positive spirits.  Also, We will strive to be humble in our doings and fully acknowledge our shortcomings.  We realize that it is, in fact, HUMBLENESS that brings us the greatest "riches"!!
    About Me
    I am an 13th year teacher, and I love to cut up and make the curriculum fun!!  I have been known to be described as "the crazy teacher" !!  I love it!!  I have been married 8 years and have a 6 year old daughter named Isabelle, Izzy for short. She is here at Celeste in First Grade.