• ELA:  basics of Literature, basics of informative texts, writing opinion pieces, Grammar rules, Speaking and Listening, main ideas, themes, comparing and contrasting characters, settings, and plots, poetry, figurative language, making inferences, making connections, Read FLUENTLY, apply basic phonics rules to decode unknown words, Authors craft, summarizing, supporting Details, adjusting language to fit social situations, presenting information, and writing narrative pieces

    MATH:  Place Value from the millions down to the Thousanths, Multiply, divide, add, and subtract whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, Real World word Problems, Algebraic expression, Orders of Operations, line Plots, Coordinate grids, Quadrilateral properties, Measurement conversions in single unit, Rounding, Estimating, and APPLYING ALL OF THE ABOVE to better understand mathematical concepts
    Social Studies:
    Native Peoples up through Reconstructon in the 50s
    SCIENCE:  Energy Transfer, States of matter, Changes in matter, Water Cycle, Living Systems and Organisms, Cells, Ecosystems, Evolution and Genetics, Force and Motion
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