• Celeste Henkel Partners

     Aftershock Ministry   Donate supplies for our teachers and students.
     Bethel United Methodist Church Provides food relief assistance at a reduced price through Angel Food Ministries (available to all families and staff).  Volunteer Work.
     Bethlehem United Methodist Church
    Provide access to our students to Bethlehem's Pumpkin Patch.  Use of church facilities.  Tutors and lunch buddies.  Help for needy families.   Donated school supplies and provided breakfast to staff on a work day.
    Beulah Baptist Church
        1851 Old Mountain Road
        Statesville,  North Carolina  28677
        Telephone 704- 872- 6971
         Fax# 704-878-9944
    Use of facilities throughout the year.
     Cafemom Allow parents a website group to communicate about school activities.  Donate money after a certain amount of parents join group.
     Carolina Lawn Services Student mentoring
    Davis Spine Associates

    Services to staff and monetary support of students.  "Adopts" children at the beginning of the year & provides school supplies.  Help financially periodically- (staff parties, children's needs).
    Food Lion

    Tutoring or Mentoring.  Workplace tours,  Cartsmart program.  Teacher/Business Professional Exchange.
    Mountain Road Baptist Church
    132 Compton Park Rd
    Statesville, NC 28677
    (704) 528-6648
    Tutoring.  Donate school supplies (tissues, hand sanitzer, clothes, etc.)  Periodically bring in snacks & food for staff.  Help needy children with supplies and during christmas.

    Western Avenue Baptist Church

     Donates supplies, Periodically brings in snacks and food for staff
Last Modified on August 17, 2015