• Mission:  C= Challenging, E= Educating, L= Leaders, E= Exploring, S= S.T.E.M., T= Thriving, E= Excellence
    Vision:  Challenging and Educating Future Leaders
    War Cry: Thrive at the Hive!

    School Demographics: Celeste Henkel serves 580 students. Of the students currently enrolled, 78% are Caucasian; 12.5% African- American; 6.11% Hispanic; 2.97% Asian; .33% other.

    Program Offerings:

    Celeste Henkel Elementary offers a variety of educational programs to enable our students to meet their educational needs.  All students attend Art, Music, Physical Education, Guidance, and Technology classes.  Students are given the opportunity to work on their ability level during our “Hornet Time” block each day.  We also offer programs such as Moby Max Math, Corrective Reading, Reading Mastery, and Study Island.  To enhance our student’s educational experiences at Celeste we offer after school clubs which include: Chorus, Leadership, Battle of the Books, Computer Coding, etc.


    Overall Goals for this School Year:

    Reading:  50% of students in 3-5 will be proficient on the NC Reading EOG.

    Math:  63% of students in 3-5 will be proficient on the NC Math EOG.

    STEM: We will rank Developing on the NC STEM State Rubric. 

    School Improvement Plan:       EC            Literacy           Math

    Contact Information:
    Celeste Henkel Elementary
    1503 Old Mountain Rd., Statesville, NC 28677
    Telephone: 704-873-7333 
    Jonathan Ribbeck (Principal)

    Results: Celeste Henkel School Report Card

Last Modified on August 18, 2016