Welcome to my Classroom

    Susan Taylor
    Email: susan_taylor@iss.k12.nc.us

    Welcome to Science!
    My Classroom Mission

    All students will work together in order to achieve a minimum of 80%.  We will accomplish this by helping each other in a friendly way, asking appropriate questions, working together positively and cooperatively, adhering to class rules and demonstrating school and classroom expectations, completing classwork, homework and project goals objectives on time.
    Strategic Learning Goal
    All students will meet or exceed the 7th grade science standards as measured by their assessments.
    About Me 
    When I think of school, I remember seeing the trees turn a beautiful array of fall colors, shopping for school clothes and school supplies, and my mom always making sure I had a new pair of Kinney shoes!  I was so excited to go to the next grade level.  When I got to high school, I played flute and was selected to be in the All American Band and performed in Vienna, Austria and Madrid, Spain. I played volleyball, and played flute in the school orchestra and sang in our school broadway performances.  I went to a school that had great school spirit where everyone got along.  That made school a great and comfortable place. 
    I grew up on one of the Finger Lakes and taught swimming with the American Red Cross when I was 16.  I enjoyed diving for shells and rocks, water skiing and fishing in the boat. I love to go to football (Go Colts and Panthers), hockey (Go Cornell Big Red and Canes), and baseball (Go Orioles) games.  My dad use to play baseball and later became interested in government and became a judge.  My sister taught in elementary school for 19 years and is an Instructional Facilitator presently while my mom was a media coordinator for 22 years.  My great nephew and niece live in Colorado who are both on national soccer leagues.  Jaimen is a 10th grader this year, while Payton is in 6th grade.  Then there are the twins...they live in Concord and are entertaining 4rd graders.  They seem to be excited when Aunt Suzy comes to see them.  My son, Matthew, is a mechanical engineer and recently married his sweetheart, Erica, who is a civil engineer.  They just bought their first home in Charleston.  He is currently furthering his education by receiving his masters in materials engineering.  I received my bachelor and master degrees in elementary education for grades K-6 in North Carolina and received an award for teaching from Who's Who of American Teachers by students.
    When school is out, one of my favorite things to do is travel and go to the beach.  I have always loved animals and have adopted dogs and cats from the Humane Society in the past which were the best animals in the universe.  My favorite shows to watch are Dancing with the Stars, Madame Secretary, sports channels, watching Hallmark Christmas movies and ice skating during the winter months.  I enjoy going to see comedy movies at the theatre and swimming.