Mr. Joel Free, Design - M.Ed. Middle Grades Education - University of Georgia

    NVIB Room 20 - Phone: 704-873-7354 (Ext. 1334) - Email: jfree@iss.k12.nc.us 

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          When we enter our classroom, learning is fun and cooperation is expected. Our positive attitude and mutual respect are part of everything we do and say. In order for Northview students to perform at high-levels, certain basic classroom behavioral expectations must be in place. You are expected to fully participate and be highly engaged in class lessons and complete all assignments in an appropriate and timely fashion. You are to follow the classroom expectations and procedures established to promote participation and learning in the classroom. Students, you are required to upload and save digital work on Google drive via your school email accounts. Many of our assignments are submitted both via Canvas and by sharing or sending your Google Doc to the teacher. Please bring your experiences, knowledge, and enthusiasm to our class because as we share, discuss, and learn together, we hope to inspire one another and impact and improve our lives. 

           Required supplies are your MacBook Air laptop; earbuds or headphones; folder; college-ruled notebook paper; #2 Pencils; and highlighter. You also may also have ink pen(s), a hand-held pencil sharpener, scissors, colored pencils, ruler, etc. and a flash drive for additional backup. If you would like to help with general needs, our classroom needs boxes of tissue. The grading weights for our course are: Assessment/Project - 45%, Classwork - 30%, Homework - 5%, and Class Participation - 20%. Rubrics will always be given on our IB projects. Timeliness, thoroughness, specificity, presentation, and completeness will be factors in the rubrics given. Our IB-MYP Design Rubrics determine criteria scores and assessment grades for each project. Regarding homework, students are expected to finish classwork, review vocabulary, prepare for our quizzes and tests, and reflect about learning from class activities.

           Our Design course immerses challenging and rewarding learning experiences that will be beneficial to the student. Our focus is on higher-order or critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will be required to complete two IB-MYP Design projects applying the Design Cycle.  In Level 1 Design, as we "Keep It Simple" Exploring Technology prepares sixth graders with an understanding of  technology, the Design Cycle, and opportunities to apply the design process in problem solving. In Level 2, Invention and Innovation prepares seventh graders to "Go Above and Beyond" with opportunities to apply the design process in the invention or innovation of a new product, process, or system. In Level 3, Technological Systems is designed to introduce eighth graders to systems and processes to develop an understanding of the impact of technology on humans, the environment, and the global community. Level 3 students will make connections to high school. More specifically, eighth graders who plan to continue and finish their IB-MYP Programme at South Iredell High School, will make connections with the Design Cycle to their Year 5 personal projects.
    in 2015, Mr. Free climbed the stairs to the top of the Hatteras Lighthouse!  

       About Me  

            I am an enthused, dedicated educator who has for 33 years in two states.  I taught at Washington-Wilkes Middle School in Georgia from 1985 to 2004 and at Troutman Middle School from 2004 to 2013. During the 2011-2013 school years, I taught at both TMS and Statesville Middle School. I began by teaching journey at NVIB in August 2013. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I have lived the majority of my life in the Atlanta area and in a small town, Washington, Georgia, which is located between Athens and Augusta. Since 2004, I have resided in Statesville, North Carolina. My wonderful wife, Mrs. Susan Free, is a retired educator who is a substitute teacher here at Northview.  My mission as a teacher is to inspire, encourage, support, and empower principled, open-minded students who value cultural diversity, international mindedness, and lifelong learning by providing a safe, positive, and caring environment that fosters inquiry, communication, empathy, higher-order thinking, problem-solving, and reflection. We will collaborate together to respect others, model appropriate behavior, apply critical thinking skills, and use creative and authentic, real-life applications, and technology that enhance learning. I love children and I love learning! My unconditional love for kids and my love for learning are the reasons that I teach and thoroughly enjoy my career in education. I also love my faith, my family, my church, the beach, the mountains, computers, digital tools and gadgets, reading, walking, working out, swimming, fishing, yard work, sports, video games, music, movies, and the arts. I hope we all share  our interests to make class more interesting. I bring all of my work, life experiences, and enthusiasms to the classroom to help my students be better prepared for the world and working environment. These are my favorite sports teams.
    Georgia Bulldogs App St Mountaineers Carolina Panthers  Atlanta Braves
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