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    8th grade Language Arts:

       In reading, students will focus on comprehension and analytical reading skills through the study of a variety

    of authors and genres. Students will learn how successful readers think and visualize when they read, interact with, and examine the text.  In writing, we will focus on construction narrative, expository, persuasive, and research pieces. Additionally, we will learn how to write meaningful and concise short responses, summaries, and be able to cite text references.

    Class Novels, Short Stories, Plays, and Poetry:

    We will read a variety of works in these genres. There will be a minimum of one in-class novel per quarter as well as self-selected independent readings with guidelines.  Students will be responsible for adhering to the assigned reading schedules for classroom novel studies.  Classroom discussions/seminars, activities, reflective writing, and assessments will be based on the reading. 

    Outside Reading Requirement/Homework/Homework Policy:

    In addition to classroom reading, students will be responsible for setting a reading goal for self-selected, level-appropriate novels and journals throughout the year and keeping pace with assigned readings. Additionally, homework will be assigned to correlate to the self-selected and novel study readings, grammar, and vocabulary.  Project sheets, guidelines, and rubrics will be supplied.

    Students are expected to read 20-30 minutes every evening. You will occasionally, have additional homework in my class.  These assignments are for enrichment, exercise, practice, and review. Other assignments may include work that was not completed in class. 

    Mac Books

    All students will have the privilege to use a MAC book.  Students are expected to follow the classroom guidelines for proper electronics usage and show excellent digital citizenship.  Failure to comply with the classroom MAC book usage rules may result in the confiscation of the MAC book and loss of electronic privileges.  Not all work will be submitted through the MAC book, so students should be prepared with composition notebooks and pencils each day.

    Plagiarism/Academic Integrity

    Academic integrity is expected on all assignments. Plagiarism is defined as presenting the work of another as one’s own. Cheating on an assignment or assessment is another activity that violates ethics and school rules.  Any work that exhibits cheating/plagiarism will result in a zero, parental notification, and disciplinary action may be taken.

    Essays and Projects:

    Work must be submission-ready—this means typed, printed, and stapled.  It is the student’s responsibility to type and print papers prior to the assigned due date.  You must consult with the teacher before the submission due date if you have printer issues.

    *If you do not have access to the Internet a hard copy of assignments will be supplied to your child.

    **If you do not have access to a printer a note with parent signature must accompany the handwritten assignment.

     Daily assignments:

    Each day, the students will be aware of their assignment choices and goals. If work is not done during class, it is homework.


    Students have one day for each excused absence to turn in missing work. In the event of an extended absence, personal arrangements will be made.

    Help Time:

    If a student needs additional help with an assignment, students can use the enrichment time to meet with teachers.


    You are expected to be in your seat with required materials ready at the start of the class period. If you are running late from another class you must have a pass to excuse the tardy.  Unexcused tardies may result in a discipline referral.

    Grading Policy:

    All grades will be based on points and weighted using the scale below.  In 8th grade, grades are cumulative for each semester (Fall and Spring). Grades will be updated regularly; it is highly recommended that both students and parents log in to the online grade-book weekly to monitor progress. The following are the weighted categories for Language Arts classes: 

    A = 90% – 100% B = 80% – 89% C = 70% – 79% D = 60% – 69% F =59% or below


    Any assignment that remains not submitted by the end of the unit of study or two weeks after the original due date (teacher discretion) will remain/be entered as a zero in the grade book. 

    Behavior and Discipline

    Students are expected to arrive to class on time, be prepared with books and materials, and show respect.  Students are also expected to adhere to the school-wide and classroom rules and expectations at all times. 

    Electronic devices (mac books, cell phones, i-pods, video games, etc.) are not permitted unless they are being used for instructional purposes. If you are using your cell phone during class it will be confiscated and turned in to the front office for a parent to pick it up.


    Individual Consequences:

    If a student is acting inappropriately or being disruptive the following steps will be taken:


    1. Verbal Correction—student reminded to be on task 

    2. Refocus—student moves from the group to refocus his/her attention in my classroom

    3. Bounce to the ISS Teacher- Mrs. Force

    4. Parent/Teacher Meeting

    5. Administrative Referral 


    Tips for Success in this class:

    Actively take notes.

    Complete assignments promptly.

    Save and organize all papers until the end of each semester or as otherwise instructed.

    Remember to put a proper MLA heading on your work.

    Submit QUALITY work (neat, thorough responses, complete sentences, evidence of thought)

    Read for a minimum of 20 minutes every night.

    Come to class on time and prepared to work.

    Keep absences to a minimum.

    Be accountable for your own work, speech, and actions.

    Actively participate.

    Have a positive attitude and ask for help if you are struggling with an assignment.