• Welcome to Mrs. Brantley's Science Website. 


    My Classroom Mission

     Our mission is for every student to become proficient in the essential standards of his/her science course. 

      About Me

    My name is Kelly Brantley.  This is my second year at Lake Norman High School.   I received my bachelor's degree in Biology from Appalachian State University. Earth Science is not just a subject I teach, Earth science is happening all around us.  I love to learn new things and share my passion of science and learning with my students.   I am very excited about starting a new school year and getting to know more students. 

     Class Wishlist

    We always welcome extra supplies in class.  Things that could be helpful are: Kleenexes, hand sanitizer, Expo markers, colored pencils, markers, poster paper, copy paper, play-doh, old National Geographics, and  even fish tanks! 

    We do lots of edible labs so if you are interested in making a contribution or donation, please let me know.  Thank you for any assistance you can give our classroom!!!


     I am available for tutoring Monday through Friday mornings from 7:30am until 8am. I will also be available during SMART lunch tutorial A on Wednesdays and during tutorial B on Fridays.  I am usually open for at least one lunch each day during SMART lunch.  

    Please visit Canvas for more information regarding our class.
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